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Our Why




"In a healthcare landscape marred by staggering statistics and elusive affordable care, Quantiva Health emerges as a beacon of change. We tackle generational challenges, striving for early detection, quantification, and effective resource allocation. With evidence-backed strides and a commitment to building healthier communities, we embark on a journey to transform lives – for our sake and our children's sake."


 - Venkat N. Peri, Co-Founder and Global CEO at Quantiva Health

The Team

Dr. Suresh Attili

Co-Founder and Chief Physician Scientist

Jagannadha Ganti

General Manager, India

Sheena Gill, JD

President and CEO of Americas, Founding Team Member

Naresh Nelaturi, PhD
Dr. Errol Norwitz

Chief Innovation and 

Impact Officer

Venkat N. Peri

Co-Founder and CEO

Manoj Teltumbade, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Founding Team Member


Dr. Louis Muglia

President and CEO - Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Dr. Amy Murtha

Dean – RWJ School of Medicine, Rutgers

Rama Ramakrishnan, PhD

Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

CognitiveCare Inc. is now doing business as Quantiva Health
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